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Crossborder studying and working

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Knowledge region
euregio campus!

This is the border area between Rhine and Meuse with the three cities of Krefeld, Mönchengladbach and Venlo!

euregio campus has everything a knowledge region needs:

  • Universities with a wide range of interesting courses
  • Quality education and further education
  • Innovative companies at the top
  • A creative climate for innovation and smart start-ups
  • A high quality of living
  • Innovative research- and development projects

6. Innovation Forum: Diversity

The labor market in the Euregio increasingly changes from an employer market to an employee market. In this light, working conditions and corporate culture play a growing important role in the competition for most suitable candidates. In this context, attention should also be paid to newly arrived immigrants in the wake of major refugee movements in the past few years.

The sixth “Innovation Forum”, on the 14th June at 04.00-05.30 pm., exemplifies how innovative euregional institutions can support and advance the social innovation process of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Leading companies and small businesses

Companies like to settle in knowledge region euregio campus! The region is characterized by a strong middle class and a large number of so-called ‘hidden champions’.

The leading cross-border industries are logistics, agro-business and production management. Companies in the knowledge region euregio campus are looking for qualified employees.

Learn more about the leading industries and small businesses of the euregio campus!


Knowledge region euregio campus is an area with a high quality of living. Life is good in larger cities such as Venlo, Krefeld and Mönchengladbach. There are many urban facilities available; a wide cultural offer, various sports clubs and extensive hospitality and nightlife options.

You can also enjoy nature and the numerous recreational opportunities in a green environment. The costs of living are relatively low and don’t forget another advantage – being located in the heart of Europe. Explore the cities and landscape in the euregio campus region!


5. Innovation Forum: Healthy Buildings

You’ve always wanted to know what “healthy building” means? Then register now for the digital 5th Innovation Forum on 12th April at 04.00-05.30 pm. 30.03.2022

Euregional Business Champions meet Future Talent

We invite you to a great event for your networking! Get to know interesting companies and plan the next steps in your career. 15.02.2022

The collaboration with the students is very good

Interview with Ben Hendricks, Ron van de Bekerom and Djordi Straaks about the collaboration of students from Fontys Venlo and VVV Venlo in a Crosslab project. 11.01.2022


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